Monday, 30 November 2015

Winning Status

I’ve been thinking a lot about teamwork and it’s played a huge factor in what appears to be lacking in my life right now. I consider teamwork to be a consistent effort of combining and collaborating with others in order to bring successes in menial tasks to check off the to-do list. The unfortunate factor about this is that I’m a one-girl band, a soloist in executing and performing such tasks. The end of the year is looming, deadlines are coming to a close and getting dressed is the last thing on my mind. Maybe it’s the indicative change in season that’s got me feeling this way or a coming of age (literally I turn a year older this week) that’s forcing me to eliminate the process of dressing up in order to get ahead and cross the finishing line.

In theory I’ve never worked well sitting down and thinking because my time affords a demand in practicality, and a sporting luxury I have become accustomed to exercising is leisurewear.
My bunny boiler cum gym bunny appearance minus the actual workout and increased affection to look warm and cuddly with my fur coat heightens the level of luxury in leisurewear. Dressing in this form is not only workable but attracts a certain sense of ease and freedom.
Tailored with a wide leg high-waisted trouser it relaxes the effort of exercising my brain into thinking about what to wear. Time has granted me the opportunity to become accustomed to practising these looks without the motivation. I mean that’s what being lazy leisurely is all about.

Wearing: Vintage Fur coat, Vintage 1970s sports collar topTopshop Round Buckle Belt, Vintage Anne Klein Trousers and White All Star Chuck Taylors

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Glamour puss in boots

On weekends I can just about throw anything on and not actually care that much, if at all, about how I look because most of my time is spent running an errand or going some place where my form of dressing isn’t given much thought.

Without an agenda on weekends imposing prescriptive restrictions on what I choose to wear, I dose up on my nonchalant proportions of clothing with a deliberate un-put togetherness that’s characterized as grunge, an antidote to the dystopian of the tailored 9-5. Deconstructed outfits and eclecticism are the perfect way to combine the mundanities of clothes left behind, when all the good ones have yet to be washed. Like a criminal with good intentions, borrowing inspiration from Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis circa 92’ grunge era allows me to break free from routine. Examples of this disconnect are the pairings of my chunky rib knit with saggy sleeves echoing the state of slumber and my lazy intentions to embracing the weekend with a flirty chiffon ending from my Reformation Naveen dressed adjoin with a vintage belt.

I sometimes feel like there’s no win-win and I’m playing devil advocate with my wardrobe choices, but without it, I’d be confused and overwhelmed with ideas that the rituals are becoming a battle that I’m losing. With that said “What to wear?" Is at the very bottom of my to do list of something that as of right now, isn’t worth checking. 
Wearing: Vintage Ribbed Sweater, Reformation Naveen Dress, Vintage Belt and Russell & Bromley Berkley Boots 

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Monday, 28 September 2015


A long-winded trail of searching through pinterest led to a summer short cut, an editorial photographed by Gilles Bensimon that featured on the fashion spot. The model Georgianna Robertson posed in a stripped down maxi that served as enough throwbacks to expose my feelings on being cut off and withdrawn from inspiration since my big chop. As I’m mourning the loss of my locks, I realise my new form shapes an unstudied charm to my resting bitchface and alike my edges they’re well laid to bare.  Cutting my hair comes at a price of risking the security I’ve binded in wearing a pixie cut that’s grown into an extension of my personality. An investment well spent during my youth into my mid twenties that I’ve parted side ways with since I no longer have the desire to hold onto my mane.

Short cuts have an unprecedented prettiness that makes them the perfect choice for a wider population, yet societies narrow -minded view on beauty is still shallow.  In an attempt to taper this, I recently posted this picture on Instagram. By staging this setup for an audience to get used to with a few likes and owning my new hashtag cutlife, I realised my issues were deep and I focused on becoming a poster for my own interest.

I’m not new to this and it would be a danger for those who are, as they’re stepping into an unknown territory that I lavishly treat as my playground. My short hair has shown my long-locked neighbours a few tips they could brush up on. Its trendy, well at least when I was 18 and some would say I did it to make a ‘statement’. However at 25 its different this time because I don’t have anything to say.This won’t last long, I’m sure. When my hair grows back I’ll be facing a new war and although the growth is a slow process that time will not press pause on, I know it’s a battle I’ve already won. Taming my do is an act that speaks volume. Since my turn up days are well and truly over, shaving off a couple inches of hair has lobbed a huge weight off my shoulders, that even at 1/2 an inch crops worth leaves me feeling whole again.

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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Easily Persuaded

In search of something old with a 70s hybrid of swag and stability, I recently purchased this suede camel trench coat I sourced on Ebay. The coat is a rich and decadent item that holds a smooth touch and not a dent in my pocket. My love affair with camel is a hump I have yet to get over. The coat laments a sense of newness in a mash up of textures and familiar shape although it encouraged repetition; I invited a variety of something that was the same but felt different. Engaged in my bridal warpath hunt for the one, cementing my love and declaring my vows to finally finding it landed me in hot mess. I had little foresight to how big of a collection my coats were becoming. Thus, tying an emotional knot with the realisation I’ve groomed a commitment to the idea of wearing the coat rather than actually do so. I don’t do commitment well and ironically I wear things for a lengthy period of time. 
My relationship with vintage is a novelty that feels inclusive and that feeling’s worn off and I’m reduced to a runaway streak, so I sold the coat. I liked it because of the easy fit and its second skin nature, however for something that’s birthed right out of the 70s, its peaked too soon and hanging onto it will leave me in a litter of stuff I’m already cutting ties with. Besides the summer doesn’t last long here in the UK and I’d make a plush bride with a full backing of Chloe AW15 well at the forefront of my wardrobe inspiration this coming winter. Velvet is not too far off from becoming my new love, a few strokes of the coat I’ve been sleeping on keeps me well engaged with a marriage of textures, that is well worth saying "I do".  

Wearing: Vintage Suede Coat, Brandy & Melville Ribbed crop (seen underneath), Vintage Levi 501's, Vintage Belt and Stuart Weitzman Pumps
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