Monday, 13 June 2016

Big Girls Blouse

During summer I adopt a very dressed down approach to dressing up my top half, when the weather eventually becomes too much that I actually considered going bare. As a result of swapping suede for silk I’ve experienced a refreshing candour for the transitional period I was going through in April. My Equipment shirt offers the effortlessly chic trope that makes it all the more okay for me not to feel bad about being lazy when I get ready, especially in the morning. A button down is good come up from looking undone, there isn’t a lot going on underneath so opting to go braless are the perks of wearing a tailored cover up. 

Wearing a blouse is a luxury of form and practicality that my body craves closed the lid on the can of worms I've opened since summer came to pass. Invariably purchasing the same item evinced an abundance of fresh ideas to dress cooler for the climate. Its sleekness contrasted in a dirty colour palette evokes an insatiable appetite to self indulge and treat myself to more. What stopped me? The price. I love a good investment however the cost is something I have yet to extend my arm towards, so I tapped my fingers away on Ebay in search for the blouse where the fight to win a bid was enough to break a sweat in.

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lost in Transition

Punctuality has never been my greatest asset but definitely something that's a work in progress. I fully haven't caught up with Spring's offerings to experiment with my clothes as i've gone and revisited a few of my favourites. I expressed this in my repeat offender post and increased my jail time by restricting myself to wearing pieces that save time and delay any further action towards me being late. Sartorially its boring but at present i like it. Given that daylight savings means warmer months are approaching time is definitely on my side and that's something i can look forward to. 
Wearing: Irvsbl Vintage Fur coat, Vintage Turtleneck Jumper, Celine Trousers (AW11 Collection- Similar here), Topshop Lurex Socks(Similar here) and Vintage Loafers (Similar here and here)

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Rusty Beginnings

My style has hit the snooze button a couple of times since last year especially in summer and this comes as a result of the febricity that London has on offer. From the roof top bars, to barbecues and festival events my style has come to a grinding halt. The tube is not the only thing that’s ready to go on a strike- I am too. In attempt to waken my system I’m revisiting old favourites with a fresh perspective, by breathing new life into classics as one way to test the waters during winter when all of your clothes that made you look hot start to feel lukewarm. How did I do it? By spicing things up with items that are looking a bit bland for one’s taste. 

It’s the perfect time to prep for a new season and with the 70s revival carved into the woodworks I welcome It with open arms. Remember when my turtleneck was my steady 9-5 and now that I’m putting in overtime I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and lay down the groundwork. My uncertainty for silhouettes especially hemlines are pervasive as the temperatures wavering. So I maximise the potential to embrace colour by referencing a 70s retro vibe reflected in items such as: the turtleneck through the prisms of the 90s-styled in a chunky rib knit sweater with high waisted culottes.

Hot off the press and landing its way into UK stores Browns Fashion, I’m starting off on the right foot with MNZ’s Roberta pumps. As a result, Intoxicated with shot of vitamin D gives me an inner boost of style confidence and it’s all I need to self-medicate back to health. Since we’re still in trans-seasonal beginnings, I still have time to catch up and raise my glass to embrace the fact that change is in the air and I’m in no hurry for it to end.

Wearing: Vintage Fur Coat, Chloe Culottes (AW13 collection), Vintage Joseph rib knit turtleneck and MNZ Roberta Pumps (here, here and here
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Repeat Offender

Entering the New Year leaves me in a state of limbo where I’ve struggled to commit to resolutions (they don’t stick or come into full effect until a new season rolls in tbh) and with everything bagged up and isolated, whilst I’m in the process of moving I haven’t fully had time to embrace it. That’s the thing about the New Year; it’s a thing, a label that comes with the obligation of investing in the idea that I can erase my actions and lessons from the previous 24 hours and wear the whole New Year New Me tag without guilt. However I can’t do that if everything that reminds of who I am comes with a whole lot of baggage that I’m not quite ready to 'Marie Kondo' out of my life yet.  I’ve revisited wearable pieces of my 2015 past and reconciled my love for the Camel coat, Denim and Dr Martens. My arsenal for an errand run when my life admin’s real estate increases in capacity and ‘throwing this on’ includes wearing outfits with little imagination when my brain switches off.  
Wearing: Vintage Camel coat (similar here, here and here), Vintage Brown Turtleneck, Levi Vintage Jeans, glitter socks and  Dr Martens Shoes
Be back soon!
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