Sunday, 22 February 2015

Newly Reformed

A wardrobe rebirth guided by the style gods at Reformation, Can i get an Amen!

Fashion week is here and its always encouraged a good spring-clean around this time of month. I’ve given up on shopping for Lent, as all my favourites pieces are in for the Fall 2015’ it gives me a good time to play catch up when the Autumn-Winter season arrives.

Lent is a time to reflect and renew. A cleanse is a way of doing that by allowing yourself to uncover the best version of you and give you the tools to work on said version everyday or for the next Forty days, however you decide. It’s the same old tune I sing every year especially around February. A look back on my New Navy post gave me the chance to move forward with a whole new crew that goes by the name of Reformation. They are everything I’m looking for in a wardrobe: Classic, vintage-Inspired and simple.

Moving forward in a stage where everyone is hell bent on nostalgia has allowed me to take a few steps back and gain some perspective. I’ve pressed paused on this whole minimalism thing as I am starting to sound like a broken record. Minimalism is a stiff performance that requires stillness. I’m impatient, thus dubious styling method and frustration ensues all for the simple attempt of getting dressed in the morning. I want to dance to the beat of my own drum and wear an outfit worthy of a standing ovation.

My go-to item of clothing is trousers. With an added flare- like the ones I’m wearing in this post are fitting, as they are both flexible and personal. I no longer feel straight legged, lanky and awkward. I’m lean, with a jig in my stride and a hip in my step.

This won’t be the first and last time you’ll see me wearing the trousers. My eat- sleep- wear repeat mantra is something I take as gospel and with this outfit I’ll gladly sing its song of praise. I feel like I’m burning bridges by resisting the temptation to overstep my boundaries in my purging stint and invest in more of their pieces. Come hell or high water, it’s a thin line, but with flat footwear makes it an easy balance that might be worth crossing.

Wearing: Vintage Coat, American Apparel Turtleneck, Reformation Trousers and Fratelli Rossetti Brogues 

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Chocolate Hour

Why my love for the cocoa has me singing all of its praises.

Creativity with a serving of hot cocoa is a great catharsis; leftover bottles of champagne are not. The mistakes I learnt from my bittersweet tale that left me with a sour ending came with a sweeter beginning this New Year once I fully embraced that ‘snug is the new black’. Boxed in a luxurious packaging of Hotel chocolate I received as a gift for Christmas.  In fact, for the majority of winter I’ve fully invested in my JOMO and any social event around 4pm with shots of hot milk served in beans is an event worthy of attending. The invitation comes with an open RSVP for the hungry and peckish. It’s likely those attend have their social bunny status in high gear driven by the sugary fix they’ll receive at 4pm. A treat as compensation for working up an appetite by fully gorging on delicious selfies on insta or sipping doses of tea served on twitter. I take mine with milk, preferably a good spill of Almond. 

I spent my Sunday to be exact indulging in a cup of hot chocolate dressed in an outfit warm enough to take a stroll in a park. My cuddly appearance rattled a passer-by. His comment about my fur coat vocalized with such fire that he received an icy response to simmer down the tense atmosphere as we parted ways.

With the weather blowing hot and cold, I continue to wear the coat regardless of opinion. The coat holds a steady position in keeping things interesting, different strokes and all that, you know .Not everyone is going to like the same thing. I don’t mind if it doesn’t make me look cool, I prefer staying warm anyway. Taking high doses of chocolate with an immeasurable amount of coffee doesn’t outweigh the other and with a taste so sweet stirred into a colour- strong as my melanin, you’d be crazy to not milk it for what its worth!

Wearing: Vintage Fur Coat, Jaeger Camel Blazer, Uniqlo Turtleneck, Trussardi Vintage Jeans, COS Camel Scarf, American Apparel Belt, Russell & Bromley Boots 

 Photos by Hedvig Berglind

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sticky Toffee

I obsessed contemplated for about a week on all the reasons why I shouldn’t buy another coat. I’ve had a Quality Street selection of coats so colourful, body hugging in shapes fit for a catwalk that it’s starting to feel a bit too sickeningly sweet to bear. The best time for a cleanse is in the New year, it’s here and now’s the time I purge from all my retail sins by cutting out all the junk, take the highroad and put a lid on it once and for all.

This winter I pulled out my favourite coat in my archive of classics, the caramel coat. I insist on calling it the ‘Caramel coat’ as it’s a deep hue of beige-brown like toffee and leaves me wrapped in such sticky situations now that I’ve considered buying another one. I have done so since unfortunately, breaking free from a resolution I never had to begin with. My signature stash of sucrose delight never fails me to the point where my bank balance is in a state of silence, my woes are deafening as I’m blinded by the urgency to join the herd! I’ve already indulged in enough to leave me satisfied that I couldn't help but take on more. Dampened by spirits of feeling left out of a place where I could dry off by going cold turkey, I now look like one.

So whilst I currently wean myself off the spending spell and embrace the trimming and stuffed layers of my turtleneck and tailored toasty brown accolade of garments I have to offer. I’ll just have to wait for the warmer months to come. Hopefully by then I might start to feel cut up about something else I can really get my teeth into.
Wearing: Vintage Bill Blass Camel Coat, Uniqlo Turtleneck, Blitz London Camel Trouser, Russell& Bromley Chelsea Boots, Vintage Belt 

Photos by Hedvig Berglind

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


My monthly round of exercise includes investing in the fruits of my labour. Taking a pinch of my salary at the start of the festive month was a punch to my efforts, but one that is worth shipping the belt that’s armed with real packaging. The belt packs a real punch and the colour is a special type of vitamin D. The type that springs you into action especially as the past couple of weeks has been one long stretch of a hangover from birthdays to staff parties serving mince pies washed down with plenty of mulled wine.  I like to think of it as my usual cranberry & disaronno but as my flavor of the month I’m jumping on the health schtick days early before the New Year by adding the zesty citrus fruit to the mix. The colour will give you an eyesore bigger than an unread inbox on a Monday morning. Hoisted across my waist, it remedies as the quick pick me up less seething than the words & numerical characters displayed across my computer screen.
My Donna Karan belt is the Michael Jordan of belts, basketball orange and straight out of 93’. As a winter baby, despite the length of daylight we’ve had outside for the British summertime, it just doesn't cut it. A slice of sunshine that appeared favourable for an entire week during summer I felt with a sweat of despair for my wardrobe to become accustomed to it. This time around, getting dressed has been a real sporting effort for me and I’m trying not to go over the top, remember?  This winter I’ve made a series of foul plays in my wardrobe game and I'm at odds with the weather so all bets are off as I’m a long way from a pickup game of winners.

I’ve also added a new member to the team. A cape crusader from Topshop granted to swoop in and save me from any guilt-ridden antics I may have participated in at my Christmas do, a team player for sure.
The few days before the New Year after Christmas and Boxing Day are always a blur. I no longer know what day it is and the morning after the night before I ponder over the idea of answering phone calls and acknowledging emails once I return to work leaving a tangy taste and verbal kick in the mouth. My eyesight and taste buds are not ready for such an offensive colour in the morning. By late afternoon it’s the type of sunrise that gives me a bursting start to the end of my day.
Wearing: Topshop Burgundy Cape, Cos Nude Top, Vintage Levi Jeans, Vintage Donna Karan Belt and Phillip Lim Shoes

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