Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dubai Diaries


 Stuffed & Satisfied with the sun giving me the clearest skin and the best tan my body has experienced for the longest in my latest travels to Dubai. Its safe to say I'm in no hurry to return soon as its great to arrive back to sunniest autumnal weather, but it was definitely money well spent! 

Wearing: Asos Pink Duster Coat, American Apparel Leopard Bikini & Pleated Skirt, Office Arabian Nights Sandals (on sale), Zara Nude Trousers (old collection) and lots of sunscreen! 

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hot Tropics

August is here and i've been feeling hot, hot, hot and not always in a good way. Summer is the least of my favourite season and the tropical mix concoction plastered on me is the only cocktail i'm willing to take to get me high. 

I might as well do so whilst indulging in a cool breeze of the palm trees designated at Barbican Jungle to embrace the botanical havens and the floral bomb celebrations my carnival camaraderies (in both outfit & location) had to offer as my last hurrah to the end of summer. 

Wearing: Jones of New York Vintage Blazer, Topshop Tropical Mix Tea Dress (sold out), Zara Gold Heels (sold out) and Jewellery (Topshop, Bex Rox)
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Coming to America

I jump for joy at the thought of making my mark on a new territory, even if it is temporary when i decided to slumber for the entire week in the city that never sleeps, New York. 

I think back to when i started planning for my trip especially with what to pack on my trip abroad. The ultimate goal with packing, is not to give yourself a "I don't know what to wear" moment for the entire duration of your stay, if up to par with your wardrobe and planning isn’t your thing, then flirt with the idea of spontaneity by bringing the quality of fun into the simple pieces that you bring with you.

Planning for a holiday, especially for a beach trip or a city excursion requires a level of fantasy that your wardrobe has to commit too. Allowing you to be the best version of yourself in unfamiliar grounds.

Bearing in mind I’m in a state of transition with my wardrobe undergoing a huge clearout I could not gather the correct pieces. I felt plagued with too much choice, thus taking flight in my Bill Blass Trench with a basic crop & jeans by American Apparel to swoop in and save the day(s) I was out & about during my #Selfie trip to New York.  A state of narcism as a result by documenting this post with the help of EmmaJane Keply  to captivate this moment beautifully.
The best part about going in May during a season when ease and wearability are prime fashion targets, the uncomplicated urban dressing of New York has lost all overtones of executive aggression and everything is now so simple for a look of effortless assurance in #Me, Myselfie & I 
Photography by: EmmaJane Kepley 

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday's Treats

No tricks i assure you, it may too late to actively participate in the hunt for eggs, since the easter weekend has passed, but i still managed to indulge  in the pastel fuelled celebrations with a three servings of cuddly carbs dressed in sugary coatings of outfits and that was just for starters! 

Outfit 1: Topshop Purple Coat, Vintage Mohair Yellow Jumper, River Island Pink Tights, Meli Melo Leopard Bag and Cos Block Shoes  
Outfit 2: Vintage Yellow Blazer, Stories White shirt (seen underneath), Reiss Black trousers and Phillip Lim Loafers, Illesteva x Zac Posen sunglasses  

Outfit 3: Escada Vintage Blazer, Uniqlo Pink Heattech Turtleneck, Topshop Trousers, Illesteva x Zac Posen sunglasses and French Sole Ballerina Pumps 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter!
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