Sunday, 23 February 2014

I've got the power

Over the Christmas holidays, I think of it being the only time I’d spend in months glued to my TV watching ‘Hoarders’, Ironically the show became one of my new obsessions and a guilty pleasure I happily divulged in. What at one time became a pleasurable aspect of watching others hone things I too would honour with defensive justified reason sent me into an anxiety, obsessing over my own habitual comforts. What I soon realised is that hoarding uncovers the messy truth of those who are appeared put together, organised and love routine. The act is an internal desire to control and have power over everything near in sight, in particular my wardrobe. Structure and strong tailoring conceals my obsessive characteristics, but compliments my incessant need to control ergo Power dressing.
A newly reformed version of Wesley Snipes in blade, my Reiss overcoat with the exaggerated Razor edge collar is the security I need to ward away the garlic breaths I encounter along my daily commutes to make. As a crispy white alternative, the heavy collar in my turtleneck (American Apparel) sharpens my image and is a suitable excuse to not wear a tie and the jersey fabric makes it easier for me to not attempt to iron in the morning. The rigor of a bright white mirrors my efforts to detract from debacle, I get myself into in the mornings when I’m short of time and I’m in a rush. The exit from the train station to work is a short distance and the overcrowding of people can cause quite a disruption, which leaves me flustered and my headphones become a fidget. Despite the winged edges of the trousers give off the Charlie Chaplin vibe, that would make you want to dance the corners of wall- street. I rely on the comforts of my high-waisted COS trousers that are skin hugging and work friendly that move to the same beat of pace to quicken my journey and detract from appearing too unforgiving.  

My Fratelli Rossetti’s, are at the top end of the flat shoe bracket, enough to carve away the piles of them ever pass out of style. The brogues are sharp, pointy, like my edges. Wrapped with intricate design, this resurrects my enthusiasm to becoming the modern-day working girl, with a knife-edge fringe of confidence that commands an air of authority too resistant to knock. A flat shoe highlights my statuesque frame and is a sober technique to handle drinks after work with poise. My Ruby lip woos the opposite gender and justifies the approach to wearing minimal makeup with this outfit. The extra layer highlights a sense of confidence that I wear with assurance without underwhelming, my approach to femininity by masking that with man-friendly attire.

As I retreat home to bed the southern comforts settle in and I ponder over my blanketed approach to hoarding which allows me to uncover some of my home truths thus setting some of my loved-lost items free by giving them a new home, Ebay. A habitual spot and the Internet common room for all things loved, crazed and queer. The show gave a new lead by focusing on a new angle of my dressing and I’ve decided to honour my obsessive features and wear them with character. Tailored to my identity with items that I need encourages that sense of power this trend celebrates and I’ve got it.

 Wearing: Reiss Black Overcoat, American Apparel Turtleneck, Cos High Waisted Trousers (alternative), Fratelli Rossetti Fringe Moccassins, Miss Selfridge Gold Heart Necklace, American Apparel Initial Necklace, Ebay Gold Hoop Earrings.


  1. I love your shoes Linda! I really like the whole androgynous vibe :)


    Sade xo

  2. Oh my gosh you look absolutely STUNNING.
    This outfit is amazing on you!

    Oh, I have a giveaway at the moment! Would love you to enter. Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains


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