Sunday, 16 February 2014

Maxi Camel Coat

The camel coat attracts the idea of wearing neutral tones, clean lines in simple pieces that are spared in detail and presented with confidence. Wearing that in the form of a maxi coat gestures a stirring of the true elegance of a woman dressed in attire with defined craftsmanship.

I go to great lengths to battle the trenches of the tumultuous storm by shielding myself in my Bill Blass Camel overcoat and I find myself hanging by a thread to blend in with those who are confident in executing the pink coat to add a pretty punch to the season. Attacked for my waning interest in the pinstripe, I opt for dark taupes, surrender to the camels and the cream of the crop as I wave the flag in saluting my fellow winter whites.

How to wear:
  •  Complement your camel base with blond (White) tones cream textures and pink accessories Soft muted tones are a great way of layering basics and building a soft colour block palette without offensively being obvious. 
  •  Balance is key when wearing an oversized coat. Weigh items out by wearing shapely trousers and a tailored/fitted top for great definition.
  •  Invest in well tailored vintage coat in bigger sizes (My coat is UK14 equivalent) Search Ebay and Etsy for late 80’s, 90s classic brands when doing so. Calvin Klein, Bill Blass and Max Mara are your best when looking for a great 90s camel coat (or maxi coat).
  • Heels won’t always do the maxi look justice, so invest in a good pair of flats, don’t be afraid to step down in a bid to maximise your results in executing this trend.

Wearing: Bill Blass Camel Overcoat, Escada Vintage Cream Blazer, Uniqlo Heat-tech Turtleneck, American Apparel Turtleneck (seen underneath), American Apparel Basic Belt, Reiss Fairline Trousers, Vintage Croc Flats, Ebay Gold Hoop Earrings 

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