Saturday, 8 March 2014

Colour Code

Hung-over with the overcrowding of my wardrobe, I was starting to feel drenched in prints and craved something sober to wake me up everyday. Colour blocking is central in this post today as the restrained, centred focus on tailoring eases up the headache of figuring out how to construct a good uniform of colours that complement each other. The most important piece in a woman’s wardrobe right now, especially a woman who works is a coat. A loose but classic tailored fitting hung down to mid-calf and worn over generously slim suit trousers with colours like my Pink turtleneck intensifies springtime drama. Without the gimmicks I appear clean cut polished and dressed in boldly shapes that suggests a woman on the go. 
 Wearing: Bill Blass Vintage Camel Coat, Vintage Pink Turtleneck, Escada vintage Blazer (worn underneath), American Apparel Trousers, Office Leopard Heels (Alternative)

1 comment:

  1. This is BEAUTIFUL. Those heels just complete everything. xx

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