Sunday, 16 March 2014


A recurring theme, this modern minimal phase I’m going through, something that I haven’t actually been familiar with until the efforts of work, came into play. Wearing colour is no longer second nature to me without putting an effort of consideration into it, that said I instantly think ‘I’ll keep todays look simple with a dark top paired up with cream coloured contrasting trousers. Black and white does not have to be a two-person party so my camel overcoat makes a great third wheel. The look is welcomed as monochrome with a tone (camel coat) and matching shoes which add a sense of fun & theatrics to the relationship. A great pairing as it harbours the same qualities my introvert-extrovert personality, one that does not need to say much but its presence is loud.
*The word Poly is a combing form with the meanings ‘much and many’ adding to the word chrome gives birth a new trend and the extended cousin of Mono-chrome, Polychrome. 

 Wearing: Bill Blass Vintage Camel Overcoat, Cos Black T-shirt, Cos White trousers (alternative), Bionda Castana Brogues 

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  1. love the colour palette of this look - those shoes are great x


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